“R” Story

{Retrograde} : Opposed to the usual order; reversed.

Sounds all deep, but all it means is that we want to challenge the norms we’re not on board with.  We do this in a number of ways:

Our dancers: We work with dancers of all ages, all body types. Our first criteria is a total love for dance and a ridiculously strong belief in what it can do.

Our genres: While most companies tend to work in a single genre, we push ourselves in multiple areas. Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz: whatever we can get our feet on.

Our platforms: You’ll find us doing documentaries, local non-profit work, promo videos, site specifics, street performances, hip hop competitions: wherever we can spread our messages.

And most importantly: cultural challenges. We love dance, we love our team, we love our time together. But we’ll be the first to tell you we hate a lot of things too: we hate oppression, racism, objectification, sorrow. And we’re going to talk about our feelings in the way we do best: by moving.